my journey

so even though happy healthy lean & fit is about holistic living;
being balanced in all areas of life.
it started with my main goal to be lean and fit.

i have had a disciplined spirit and drive towards exercise and healthy eating for the better part of the last 7 years : but even more seriously in the last 4 years!

BUT : i had 4 babies in 6 1/2 years : so even though i was eating right and exercising regularly. my body became expert at storing fat!

tiny no.4 was born october 2011.  gave myself a grace period.
and weighed in for the first time at the end of MARCH 2012.

i have a friend who posted on facebook that she needed volunteers to walk thru a 12 week intense program as she was finishing her certifications : i was practically jumping up and down!

she is all about lifestyle. health. wellness and helping find what works for your body. she's a certified nutritional specialist and weight loss management coach! you can read about her business, BEHIND THE SCENES SOLUTIONS and what she offers HERE.

she's been amazing.
she's accommodated my crazy. she's challenged me. and encouraged me! and i am so grateful!
so really she's the reason this mama has finally had success towards happy.healthy.lean & fit.

for me; thanks to jamie's leading.
its not about numbers.
the scale has fluctuated over the last 14 weeks. its easy to get fixated on the scale!
but our focus has been fat loss!!
lean. lean. lean.

my diet, exercise and nutrients are tailored for fat loss!
so to date : i've lost 13 lbs, gained 3 lbs lean muscle, down 2% body fat and lost 12.75 total inches!!

since extra weight & body fat aren't something i put on overnight...i've given myself 12-18months to hit my goal!!!

so. its not a fad or a season of deprivation. im not missing out on foods i love. im not agrily eating styrofoam food or microwave meals. im not counting calories. but it doesn't give me all out freedom to do whatever i want.

i eat 5-6 times a day. depending on how many hours i am awake.
i eat a balance of protein.carb.fat at every meal and snack
i drink a TON of water
i eat way too many raw carrots : i should be orange-ish!
i exercise 4-6 days a week!
i sleep 7-9 hours a night!

my biggest hurdle in this season
as a mother of 4 : life is bonkers crazy.
im solving or wiping or blowing or fixing or mending or caring or washing or holding most of the day. we've also been in a crazy season of transition : you can read about it on our family blog

i love my tinys.
they are amazing.
our life is wonderful crazy noisy beautiful somewhat chaotic blessed mess!

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