Wednesday, August 22, 2012

take time : give grace

grace for me.
grace for our season.
grace for one another.
if you're a parent. you can read my blog post on grace HERE

i have issues with grace.
i'm hard-headed. stubborn. strong-willed
so accepting grace is something that only the transcendent love of Jesus allows my heart to understand.

so i am asking for grace this week.
from you.
for myself.
as we move...again.
as 3 of my 4 start school.
AND for my non happy. non heathly. non lean & lack of fit moments.

they are many lately.
so instead of having a disparaging defeated attitude....
i will rest on these words.

and let jesus do the rest.
for :
my heart is flawed. i am imperfect.
broken. and fail often.

but i have been bought with a price.
i am delighted in.
sought after.
loved by a God who loves my joyful noise and clatter.

may you find rest in HIM this week. my you offer yourself grace.
because He offered it first!
may you boast about the weaknesses of your flesh so that you may boast in Him!

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