Monday, August 13, 2012

hhlf : dailys

so : i've learned that as a mother of 4 i MUST hold all things loosely.
sometimes this is easy.
sometimes it isn't.
last week. was challenging to say the least.

thank goodness for grace. forgiveness. and coffee.
and for scripture to help refocus my heart.
today's readings are about being slow to anger & abounding in love.

just a few scriptures on it.
although there are many more!
i need this today and am thankful hubs used these words to encourage my heart as he stepped out the door for the next 3 days. it was a sweet reminder that i am to PUT on love. that i am to work hard at encouraging and giving life to those around me. . . when its easy...and when it isn't.

and remember.
when you take steps to change things.
you'll struggle.
its not supposed to be easy to change.
to change routine.
to make a decision to start something.
to change a habit.
it's discipline. it doesn't typically come naturally.
it will require saying no.
it will require sacrifice.
it will require grace.
one good decision at time. one moment at a time. will yield fruit.
just be patient for it.

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