Wednesday, August 22, 2012

take time : give grace

grace for me.
grace for our season.
grace for one another.
if you're a parent. you can read my blog post on grace HERE

i have issues with grace.
i'm hard-headed. stubborn. strong-willed
so accepting grace is something that only the transcendent love of Jesus allows my heart to understand.

so i am asking for grace this week.
from you.
for myself.
as we move...again.
as 3 of my 4 start school.
AND for my non happy. non heathly. non lean & lack of fit moments.

they are many lately.
so instead of having a disparaging defeated attitude....
i will rest on these words.

and let jesus do the rest.
for :
my heart is flawed. i am imperfect.
broken. and fail often.

but i have been bought with a price.
i am delighted in.
sought after.
loved by a God who loves my joyful noise and clatter.

may you find rest in HIM this week. my you offer yourself grace.
because He offered it first!
may you boast about the weaknesses of your flesh so that you may boast in Him!

Monday, August 13, 2012

hhlf : dailys

so : i've learned that as a mother of 4 i MUST hold all things loosely.
sometimes this is easy.
sometimes it isn't.
last week. was challenging to say the least.

thank goodness for grace. forgiveness. and coffee.
and for scripture to help refocus my heart.
today's readings are about being slow to anger & abounding in love.

just a few scriptures on it.
although there are many more!
i need this today and am thankful hubs used these words to encourage my heart as he stepped out the door for the next 3 days. it was a sweet reminder that i am to PUT on love. that i am to work hard at encouraging and giving life to those around me. . . when its easy...and when it isn't.

and remember.
when you take steps to change things.
you'll struggle.
its not supposed to be easy to change.
to change routine.
to make a decision to start something.
to change a habit.
it's discipline. it doesn't typically come naturally.
it will require saying no.
it will require sacrifice.
it will require grace.
one good decision at time. one moment at a time. will yield fruit.
just be patient for it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

hhlf : dailys

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

hhl&f :: Daily

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i have this deep desire to do it all; do it all right, and have it together in the meantime. 
i know right.
be it first born thing. 
competitive nature or selfishness.
or some complex combination of all.
i have come to terms with my tenacity & sin involved in being selfish. 
a luxury i don't have in this season of life. 

i have a stronger desire to be transparent. grace-filled, compassionate & balanced.
how do i joyfully accept my God given fierce passionate spirit while mothering, running a household and taking care of ME?

this gave birth to happy. healthy . lean & fit. 

there are 2 things that must happen each day in order for me to healthily approach my responsibilities as a wife and mother. 

put my face in the word

the first quiets the selfishness that starts clanging away the minute my eyes open
the second releases the intensity of my spirit and balances my brain

it doesn't mean both in=peace out
but it does mean i can more objectively focus on my daily responsibilities. 

happy heart
healthy mind
lean body
fit spirit

I believe as women we innately struggle with contentment & exceptions. 
well, i'll speak for me.....i fight it momently!!!
And when this comes to body-image : how i view, treat and steward my body is uber important.
 i have 3 tiny little girls taking it all in. and a son paying close attention as well.

as women we are also sinfully disconent most of the time : with something. 
be it circumstantial  .  physical  .  or emotional
i'm pretty sure i could write a daily blog post about how this affects me!

so i hope this comforts your heart. that you're not alone in the journey. 
for me, its about treating my body as a gift. 
doing everything in my power to be healthy for my family. 
but its more important for my husband & children to have a visible example of 
happy wife and mommy. 
who's healthy and doing my best to have all aspects of my life lean of the world's influence 
and to be an example of being fit.  inside and out! 

step one : ask for forgiveness . because i fail miserably. 
step two : be grateful for jesus

so i'll post recipes and scripture and workouts i can't live without!
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happy day.